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5 Reasons to Use Calacatta Marble Tiles in Your Bathroom

5 Reasons to Use Calacatta Marble Tiles in Your Bathroom

All types and colours of marble are formed under the ground, where limestone deposits transform into beautiful seams of veined, streaked and coloured marble. Although all marble is made the same way, they are not the same in quality.

Calacatta Marble is a rare, exceptional marble – it is found only in one quarry in the world! Carrara, Italy, is the home of the Carrara Mountains from which two types of white marble are mined. One of these is the Carrara marble, while the other is Calacatta marble.  To the untrained eye, both of these may look the same – mainly white, with predominantly grey veins and streaks.
However, there are a few specific differences between them. We would like to tell you how you can identify between them when you buy Calacatta marble. Carrara marble has a softer look, with small, fine veining patterns. The grey veins of Carrara marble are often fine and feathery. On the other hand, Calacatta marble has bold, broader grey streaks. They are often irregular and change their path; but the slab in its entirety is always harmonious and flowing.

Nowadays, many designer homes, corporate offices and luxury resorts use Calacatta marble – especially in master baths. We take a closer look at why Calacatta Marble is such a popular choice for bathrooms:

1.The Veining Pattern of Calacatta Marble:

Calacatta marble was first introduced to the artistic world by Michelangelo because of its dramatic veining pattern. It is striking, attractive and yet timeless and elegant.  The bold veins create a powerful impact, and look especially grand in white, open bathrooms. Proper lighting can get the most out of a Calacatta marble bathroom.  The veining of the marble is unstructured and shifts at random; this is one of the main reasons designers prefer to display samples of Calacatta marble. The veining pattern is so varied that the home owner is provided with adequate options for his choice. Other marbles do not have such differences in veining patterns and thus do not provide much variety while building a new look for the bathroom.

2.The Variety of Natural Patterns in Calacatta Marble:

Natural marble tends to have unique, complex patterns. Calacatta marble also has various different types, each having their own signature appearance. Each type has a distinctive and singular pattern. The veining is characteristically bold and striking, and gives your bathroom that extra luxury factor.  This bathroom is exclusively fitted out with Calacatta marble. It needs no other colours or decoration:  the pattern changes gradually across the tiles, and creates an aesthetic, rich appearance.  The natural quality of the variations makes the pattern seamless and flowing – even though it is changing, it does not look stilted. This type of look is hard to get in synthetic marbles, as they tend to have monotonous patterns and synchronized veins. If you want your bathroom to stand out in the house, Calacatta marble should be on top of your list.

3.Its Versatility in Application

Did you think Calacatta marble was only for the bathroom floor? We have good news for you – Calacatta marble can be used for bathtubs, bath walls and wash basins and sinks as well! And it looks very impressive, too. The versatility of Calacatta marble is the main reason many interior designers prefer to work with it in master bathroom.  If a monochrome and minimalistic theme is to be achieved, the entire bathroom – walls, floors, tub, sink and shelves – can be fitted with Calacatta marble. As the minimalistic theme is very popular among well-known celebrities, many villa and penthouse owners have renovated their bathrooms to suit the style. The days of ornate carvings are gone! Sheer marble – yet so visually rich and attractive! Calacatta marble is the tile of choice for the style smart designer. Alternatively, a plain or understated bathroom can be given a golden touch with a sink of beautiful marble.

4.The Variety of Natural Colours and Tones

Calacatta and Carrara marble are predominantly white marble streams. However, as with all natural marble, sometimes a different colour or tone may be found. These are rare, and add a luxurious edge to a bathroom. As there is only one quarry, in Italy, the colours available to you may vary. The production of this quarry is very controlled, as the mountain peaks are difficult to work at during the cold weather. However, most interior designers are able to locate special colours, such as the slightly beige-gold undertone of this Calacatta marble bathroom. This is, in fact, named as Calacatta Gold Tile. The look can be further enhanced by using yellow lights in the bathroom.  Calacatta marble works especially well in showers as it is simple to clean and needs minimal polishing at regular intervals. As with all natural marbles, the Calacatta marble walls will change over time, due to use and wear and tear. The edges of the shower wall, the walls near the shower and the sink are places that will be used the most in a bathroom. The marble at these places will absorb the daily effects on it over extended periods of time.

5.Calacatta marble is a Design Element

Interior designing is a popular field, with many home- owners consulting an interiors specialist while constructing or renovating their home. Others may educate themselves from the internet and look for matching tiles and colours.  Bathrooms with Calacatta marble floors are a valuable design element. With minimal efforts, a Calacatta marble floor can be transformed into an eye-catching decoration. A centre of attraction can be made by a simple border around the natural pattern of the marble. With Calacatta flooring, the bathroom can be made fit for a King – and often is! Many penthouses, villas and corporate residences being have incorporated Calacatta marble for its design variations and value as a decorator’s item. If you would like the marble to look exactly the way you bought it, consider specialized maintenance and care of your marble bathrooms.


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