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5 Enjoyable Ways to Add a Piece of Color to Your Bathroom

5 Enjoyable Ways to Add a Piece of Color to Your Bathroom

Even though single-colored decorations look very modern and chic, people with full of life and energy sometimes would like to add a piece of color to their lives. And bathroom is the perfect place to do that. Just think about it: A colorful bathroom where you spend the relaxing hours of the day or an all blue bathroom where you feel like you are in the middle of blue skies… Isn’t that awesome? Believe us, it sounds and looks perfect

Do you know how you can add a piece of color and enjoyment to your bathroom? If you don’t, no worries; we are here for you. After reading this article, you will directly go to your local store and turn your world into a colorful and lively place. Enjoy!

Add a Piece of Color to Your Bathroom!

Try to Use Contrasting Color Grout for Bathroom Tiles

If you want to draw attention to each one of the tiles in your bathroom without going too far, select a contrasting grout color for the tiles. This contrast look will frame each tile and create a bold look as you desire. With this contrasting color, you will make the tiles to stand out.
Tip: Use a thicker amount of grout in order to achieve the best “contrasting” effect. The thicker the grout it, the more you highlight the tile selection. Especially for backsplash and shower tiles, contrasting colored grout is a very good alternative for more decorative tile patterns. Your bathroom will look like a place where you ever want to leave!

Different Colored Travertine Tile Mosaics Will Create a Work of Art

Try to use travertine tile mosaics in order to create a work of art in your bathroom. We suggest you use different shades of blue and have both a dramatic and sensational effect on the bathroom walls. These mosaics will create a timeless and artistic atmosphere. Think about the ancient mosaic works and how they are classical and timeless. If you are brave enough, get inspired from those arts and imitate one of the famous mosaics on your bathroom wall.

Use Different Shades of the Same Color to Have a Dramatic Effect

Marble, travertine or limestone; it does not matter which natural stone you choose for your bathroom. By using different shades of same color, you will have a dramatic effect. Especially shades of brown and gray colors are very suitable for this purpose. All brown or all gray tiles will not give you the same dramatic effect. If you cannot go that far and use different colors, but still would like to add a classy touch, this is the perfect alternative for you.

Add a Shaded Tub

Travertine stone is the best material to make a shaded tub. Since travertine is available in different color options (such as brown red), you might want to have a bathtub in a color which will contrast to the bathroom walls and floors. Image how beautiful it will look when you have a brown red tub in an all-white bathroom. Just make sure that you choose a color which will make you feel happy for a long time.

Sometimes Polishing Will Give the Feeling of a Different Color

You are looking at the bathroom floor; you are happy with the color but feel like there is something missing. You do not want to change the color but want it to look different. Do you know what it is? You need a little bit of shine! A glossy look will change the entire way that your bathroom look. Apply a polishing powder or a sealant which will create a glossy finish.


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