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5 Easiest Ways to Clean Marble Surfaces without Giving any Damage

5 Easiest Ways to Clean Marble Surfaces without Giving any Damage

Cleaning stone-made surfaces – especially marble surfaces – require a great deal of care and delicacy. One needs to be careful not to damage such sensitive surfaces in terms of both hygiene and aesthetic concerns. Thanks to its decorative purpose and elegant look, marble is frequently used in both indoor and outdoor designs. In order to keep its look sophisticated, it is necessary to give a regular care and sensitive cleaning routine for all types of marble surfaces.

In this article, we are going to talk about the easiest ways of cleaning the marble surfaces without damaging. It sounds pretty complicated, but do not worry. You can easily find the sensitive cleaning materials in your local store and by following these tricks, you can be a “marble cleaning master”. Let’s get started.

How to Clean Marble Surfaces

  1. First Things First: Eliminate the Dust and Dirt

In order to achieve the best result, first thing that you should do is to wipe or vacuum the dust and dirt on the marble surfaces. It is highly important in case that you prefer marble flooring in your houses. Regular vacuum cleaners might not be the best option to do that. Instead, you can use cordless small vacuum cleaners since they offer more practical usage and do not give damage to the surface. If you are still worried about scratching the marble, you can always use a mop to get rid of the dirt and dust. But remember, the dust and dirt among the tiny holes or lines on the surface cannot be cleaned only by a mop.

  1. Try a Creamy Cleaning Agent

The creamy structure of a cleaning agent is one of the easiest options for cleaning since all you need to do is to apply the cream on the stain and wait for it to get activated. The cream-based cleaning agents directly get activated after the application. Wait for a few minutes and then use a damp cloth by circular motions to clean the surface. Do not let the area wet and make sure you dry the area after this application. If the stain is not resistant, it can easily be cleaned.

  1. Soft Soap is Good for All Types of Stain

Have you ever heard that soft soap is an efficient cleaning material? It is true, my friend. And you can find it almost in every market or store. Soft soap offers a delicate but an efficient cleaning for all types of stain on marble surfaces. Also, you can use soft soap for shining the marble surfaces. So, it is a win-win! If you have never tried it before, it is time to give it a chance for soft soap.

  1. The Mixture of Lemon Juice and Salt for Yellowish Marble Surfaces

Mix one cup of lemon juice with a plenty amount of salt in a cup. Then, directly apply this mixture on the yellowish surface. Scrub it gently with circular motions and then rinse the area thoroughly. This rinsing process is very important so as to avoid abrasion. And voilà! You get rid of the ugly yellowish look on the marble.

  1. Ammonia Might Be Your Best Friend

The things that we mention above might not work for resistant ink or oil stains. At this point, you might want to try adding a few drops of ammonia in a cup of water. Be careful; add only a few drops, not more! Such resistant ink or oil stains can disappear after the application of ammonia and water mixture. And make sure that you rinse the area after the application.


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