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4 Easy Steps to Paint Travertine Tiles

4 Easy Steps to Paint Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are one of the most commonly used materials for exterior decoration. However, due to the fact that travertine is a form of limestone which is really porous and can be faded easily if you do not give a proper care, it is highly important to know how to give a proper painting to travertine tiles.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to paint travertine properly. First of all, you need to clean the travertine materials and surfaces properly. In order to achieve a vivid and good-looking finish, you need to seal, paint and seal again the travertine tiles. With only four easy steps, you will be an expert in painting travertine tiles.

These are the materials that you will need for painting:

  • Mild cleanser or soft detergent and water
  • Sponge
  • Paint (color of your choice)
  • Paintbrush
  • Sealant (before and after the painting)

Step 1: First of all, Clean the Travertine Tiles

Just like you need to avoid hard brushes and corrosive cleaning agents for cleaning marble surfaces, you also need to do the same for travertine tiles. In a bowl, mix one part of soup or soft detergent with four parts of water. Take a sponge and clean the travertine tiles with the help of this mixture. If there are persistent stains, you can gently scrub the surface with the sponge. Make sure that you rinse and dry the surface thoroughly. Do not ever apply paint on wet travertine surfaces.

Step 2: Sealant Application

With the help of a paintbrush, you need to apply the stone sealant to the tiles. Sealant will protect the paint of the travertine against the external factors and will prolong the lifetime of travertine surfaces. Since travertine has a porous nature, this application will also provide a protection against paint absorption and after the application, you will definitely have better results.

Step 3: Time to Paint 

There are hundreds of color options that you can choose for travertine tiles. Make sure you choose a color that will be in harmony with the color of other decorative elements around the travertine tiles. Also, make sure that the paint you will use is water and moisture resistant. There are several brands on markets which sell water and moisture resistant paints.

Now, it is time to paint. You do not need to be an experienced painter to give a good painting to the travertine tiles. The first thing you need is a good paint brush. There are several types of paintbrush that you can find in your local stores. Pick one according to your choice. Before you start painting, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Then, apply the first coat of the paint. Remember, one single coat, even if it is thick, will not give you a good result. The best thing to do is to apply multiple yet light coats. Before applying the second coat, let the first one dry for a few minutes. Apply the coats until you see the desired color tone. Then, you need to let the paint dry for at least twenty four hours.

Step 4: Sealant Application, Again

When you are done with the painting, you might think that the result is satisfying enough. But, it is not. You should protect the paint against external factors such as water, dust, wind etc. Another coat of sealant will give the protection that you need. So, apply a new coat of sealant on the paint. And let it dry.

Tip: For more professional looks, it is highly important that you choose a color that matches your old travertine tiles. It will not look good if you apply white paint on dark colored travertine tiles.

That is it. Now you are done with painting your old and boring travertine tiles


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