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12 Marble Cleaning Hacks You Probably Dont Know

12 Marble Cleaning Hacks You Probably Dont Know

Marble is a frequently used decorative material. It has a wide range of utilization areas from kitchen to bathroom and flooring etc. It is a strong, moisture resistant and elegant natural stone. Moreover, it has different beautiful and natural patterns and it is available in various color alternatives.

Everything sounds cool for now. But, do you know how you can clean materials made from marble? I can hear you saying “of course with descaling or anti-lime scale agent”. Never ever try to use descaling or anti-lime scale agent for cleaning marble. This would be the worst mistake that you could do. Because marble is a metamorphosed limestone and therefore such agents will directly corrode marble and destroy its natural form and color. It is also horrible to use synthetic cleaning agents and bleach for cleaning the marble surface or floors. Ok, we do not use bleach, synthetic cleaning agents or descaling agents. Then, how do you clean it? Here are the practical ways and hacks to clean materials made from marble.


How to Clean and Protect Materials Made from Marble

  1. Protect the marble materials against scratches. Furniture or accessories with sharp edges will damage marble surfaces. You can try to use decorative mats or pads against scratches.
  2. Marble has a porous structure and it is possible for it to absorb the liquids. So, it is very important to clean as soon as you pour any kind of liquid like tea, coffee or wine on marble surfaces.  Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the liquid to protect the marble.
  3. Only water and soup will be enough for cleaning the marble. Hard brushes and abrasive cleaning agents will create scratches on the marble surfaces and walls.
  4. After cleaning the marble surfaces, make sure you rinse and dry it thoroughly. It is very important for the marble not to remain wet after the cleaning process.
  5. For the persistent stains, you should try to use stain removers, the formula of which is specially prepared for marble surfaces. Or you should try to use soup and water mixture.
  6. I am pretty sure that you have watched several “hack” videos telling that you can use vinegar to clean sensitive surfaces. But, please don’t! It is of course true that vinegar is a natural cleaning agent for some other surfaces but it has a corrosive effect on marble. So, if you want your marble surfaces to remain shiny and strong for long times, please do not use vinegar to clean it.
  7. For light colored marbles, hydrogen peroxide is a practical alternative for cleaning.
  8. If you would like to polish the marble surfaces, try to use shammy cloth. Shammy cloth is the easiest and fastest solution for polishing marble surfaces.
  9. Another way to clean persistent stains on marble is to mix baking soda with water. Mix these two ingredients until it gets the creamy structure. Apply the mixture on the surface and cover the area with plastic wrap. Wait for at least 24 hours and then clean it.
  10. You can apply the same method by replacing the baking soda and water mixture with hydrogen peroxide. Apply this liquid on the stains and cover the area with plastic wrap. Wait for at least 24 hours and then clean it. But make sure that you apply this method only for light colored marble surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide might decolorize the dark colored marbles.
  11. The oily stains on the marble surfaces (the marble area near the oven or the sink) will easily be cleaned with starch. Apply starch on the oily skin and wait for at least 20 minutes. Then clean the area with the help of a damp cloth.
  12. You can get rid of the scratches on the marble surfaces. Open your wife’s or girlfriend’s make up bag and find the nail buffer which she uses to shine her nails. This soft nail buffer will help you to get rid of small scratches on the marble surfaces.
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