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Bathroom Ideas, Design and Tips

What is the Most Suitable Stone for My Bathroom?

In recent years more and more home owners use natural stone in bathrooms for flooring, wall mosaics, vanity tops and tub surroundings. The key question here is to decide on the stone and the type of the stone according to the application.

Marble travertine and limestone  add a sophistication and luxury to the look of a bathroom.

Travertine Tiles

Few material offer the warmth that travertine does. Travertine applications in bathrooms result in an rustic and luxury character in bathrooms.

Travertine tiles can be used in showers, floors and walls in bathrooms.

For bathrooms, hone finished or tumble finished travertines are the best choices. These two finishes are ideal for bathrooms due to their ability to withstand spills most likely to occur in bathrooms.

Travertine tiles offer  a high variety of color and design options are nearly endless.


Marble Tiles

Marble tiles give a traditional, elegant, contemporary and clean look to bathrooms. Marble has been one of the most important stones used for bathrooms for centuries, from ancient Egypt to Rome due to the elegance look marbe provides.

Marble tile is used in showers, floors and walls in bathrooms. Marble mosaics are also a good decorative choice in bathrooms.




Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a durable, easy in maintenance yet beautiful natural stone to use in bathrooms.

Not only showers but also cabinets and walls can be covered with limestone tiles to add a touch of hotel style to the bathrooms.


Travertine Mosaics and Marble Mosaics


Not only tiles but also mosaics of travertine and marble frequently used in bathrooms. Common application area of travertine and marble mosaics in bathrooms are walls and mirror back spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which stone to use in my bathroom?

Marble, travertine  limestone are good choice to achieve luxury in bathrooms. To decide the type of the natural stone you can inquire a request from Sefa Stone Specialists.

Is it possible to D.I.Y install natural stone to my bathroom?

For best results we recommend the tiles to be installed by professionals. The Marble Institute of America recommends having your contractor lay out the tile for best results.

Is sealing necessary for natural stones in bathrooms?

Since travertine marble and limestone surface has a porous structure the liquids tend to leech into the body of the stone. This might result in a negative look in the surface over years. To avoid the leech sealers are needed. You can ask our experts for the best sealing products, and the frequency of the sealing process.